Peggy Grose - Author of 'Love and Lemon Pie'
"Love and Lemon Pie" reminds me of my Danish grandmother who turned out magical Danish pastries from her wood cook stove. My friend Peggy Grose has revealed herself as a loving cook and her recipes for giving tender loving care are wonderful.
Cactus Pryor
Humorist and Radio Host
Food and the Loving Words We Serve it up With

Greetings! This unique cookbook offers recipes for not
only the body, but for the soul as well - two ways in
which you can show love.

The "recipes for the soul" in this book are tips for
improving your relationships by communicating
more lovingly. For instance:

"The quality of our relationships is directly and
totally determined by the quality of our

"If our words consist of blame, criticism and sarcasm,
our relationships will consist of fear, defensiveness and stagnation."

"If our words consist of love, appreciation, and encouragement, our relationships will consist of trust, openness, and growth."

The "recipes for the body" are simple and yummy recipes that I have collected for fifty years and on which I raised my four sons. These recipes came from the Deep South, from Texas and Southeast Asia, and some came from friends who gave them just for the book. There are some I made up along the way.

On this website you will find some sample recipes and relationship tips contained in my book. Also, reviews from people who own it!

I want to hear from you. Peggy Grose